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7th Grade Math

The purpose of 7th grade math is to increase problem-solving abilities.  Students will develop their skills in working with fractions, decimals, percentages, measurement, ratio and proportion, area, and volume. They will study probability, the real number system, equations, and the coordinate plane.


Main topics covered:

Stretching and Shrinking- Similar Figures

Kaleidoscopes-Symmetry and Transformations

Bits and Pieces II-Using Rational Numbers

What Do You Expect-Probability and Expected Value

Variables and Patterns-Introducing Algebra

Comparing and Scaling-Ratio, Proportions, and Percent

Accentuate the Negative-Integers
Course Objectives:
  • Demonstrate an understanding of proportionality while solving single and multi-step mathematical expressions
  • Communicate effectively using graphic, numeric, symbolic, and verbal representations
  • Learn to select and use appropriate mathematical knowledge when investigating problems
  • Work with two and three dimensional shapes to solve problems involving area, surface area, and volume
  • Develop a probability model using knowledge of experimental and theoretical probability