Ian Riddell is the founder and the head instructor of Tek-Kids.  He began his career as an educator in Southern California working in under-performing schools as an auxiliary math tutor.  He spent seven years at STAR Education, designing curricula and training teachers to run after-school enrichment programs. 

Upon moving to Asheville with his wife and son, Ian began to implement new ideas for involving students with technology at a younger age.  His ideas revolved around developing hands-on curriculum that would place the design tools in the students hands at an earlier age.  The goal was to empower them with knowledge and experience, and encourage their imagination, their curiosity and their innate sense of play, to build a lifelong learner and a lover of technology.

In 2014, Ian began working as the STEM coordinator at the Carolina Day School.  In 2016, he founded eSportsAVL, a company that produces high-energy gaming-centered events for young people.