Minecraft Saturdays

Minecraft Saturdays @ The Franklin School

brought to you by: Tek-Kids and eSportsAVL

Saturday September 10th

12 noon - 3 pm

admission: $15

It's the return of Minecraft Saturdays, brought to you by Tek-Kids and eSportsAVL.  Never heard of e-Sports before?  It's a structured way for young people to use their gaming skills in competition with other people their age.  But there's also plenty of silly, good-natured fun along the way.

We are beginning with a series of Minecraft events.  These events are intended for young people between ages 8 and 14.  Children under 8 can participate, but we request that they have an adult on site.  We will be playing Minecraft competitively on a closed server (not open to the public).  In addition to the competitive games, we will also have some servers dedicated to more relaxed styles of play (creative/survival).

The server will be open the entire time to allow for ad hoc gaming throughout our time there.  Periodically we will run more structured competitions.  These events will get projected onto the big screen, so even if you're not playing, you can still get into the action.

If you are interested in attending, please read below for complete details.

TIME/PLACE: July 23rd  12noon to 3pm at the The Franklin School for Innovation (directions here)

COST: $15 for three hours, includes access to the private server for the duration of the event.  Cash only.

BRING: A gaming device (see an important note below about iPads vs laptops).  Power cord for your device.  Money for food/drink.  A hackey sack (seriously, it is a great way to stretch your legs and make some friends)

* labeling all equipment with a piece of masking tape and your last name helps to avoid a lot of confusion  :)


Can I drop off my kid and pick them up at 3pm?

Yes, if that child is 8 or older.  But please come inside and sign your kid in before leaving.

Can my kid invite friends?

Yes!  This event is open to the public.

What makes this event "kid-friendly"?

I picked a location that is enclosed, but offers an outdoor area.  Kids can get fresh air and sunlight, without leaving the grounds of the event.  It's supervised by an adult (me!) with years of teaching experience.  Kids are encouraged to interact and make new friends. It's a celebration of Minecraft and gaming, two things which have become cultural pillars for this generation.  There will be music and a lot of general silliness.

My child plays Pocket Edition on a tablet or iPad.  Can they participate?

All of the structured competitions will be for PC/Mac laptop users.  I will setup basic multiplayer worlds for our iPad/Pocket Edition users.  On these worlds, they can play the traditional style of Minecraft play together with other participants.

My child uses the XBox or Playstation.  Can they participate? 

At this time, we are not equipped to connect these devices to our network gaming.  Tablets and laptops work best.

Can we arrive late?  Can we pick up early?


Can my kid get something to eat or drink while they attend?

We do not offer any food or drink currently.  Please pack some snacks, and a water bottle (with a sealable lid)

Will my child's computer be safe from hacking?

We are on a password-protected network.  We will be playing on a private server.  This is a very safe way to game.  However, every time you connect a computer to the internet, there is some risk to the device.  Myself and the Franklin School cannot assume any responsibility for damage to your device.  

My child wants to know what kinds of competitions you will be having.

Spleef.  Hunger Games.  Master Builder.  Parkour... and more!  Remember, these games are for the PC/Mac laptop players only.

Do I need to come inside?  Or can I leave my child off at the door?

Please come inside.  You need to sign your child in and leave some contact info.  At the end, I would like parents to come in and sign your child out again.

Do I need to sign up in advance?

No advance registration is required. But I'd love to get an RSVP, so I can get an idea of how many people are coming.  Otherwise, we'll see you at FSI!

Questions?  ian@tek-kids.com

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