In-School Programs

Tek-Kids is affiliated with the following schools in providing top-notch afterschool/enrichment programs that emphasize technology at an early age.

  - The Carolina Day School, Asheville
  - Rainbow Mountain Children's School, W. Asheville
  - Francine Delaney New School for Children, W. Asheville
  - New Classical Academy, W. Asheville

Here is a short list of some of the programs we offer in the area schools and homeschools:  
 - Introduction to Electronics - a hands-on introduction to building basic circuits.  Students build an automatic night-light, a burglar alarm and much more.  Along the way, they learn how to identify and use many of the primary components used in electronic design.
- Introduction to Video Game Design - Students use free software to build their own 3D Treasure Hunt video game and populate it with their own crazy creatures.
- Introduction to Robotics - Students build three introductory robotics projects.  Each project adds new features and functions.  The robots are theirs to keep and continue to explore and design with.
- Paper Airplanes and the Science of Flight - most kids could spend hours designing, constructing and testing paper airplanes.  In addition to showing them some outrageous, high-performance airplane designs, we talk about the WHY and explore the science of flight.
- Hands-On Geometry - Geometry is one of the most lively math topics.  We are surrounded by shapes.  Every object and building we see throughout our daily lives can be viewed as an example of geometry in action.  This class shows students some fun construction projects that allow them to play with geometry and the students begin to familiarize themselves with how the different shapes perform and what functions they serve.

Homeschool Programs
Tek-Kids has worked with numerous homeschool groups in the area to provide interesting hands-on workshops for homeschool collectives.  If your homeschool group would is interested in bringing our programs to your homeschool group or collective, please send us an email or call.
(828) 423-4046