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The game has 50 levels grouped into 5 level packs. From the home page you can go to any level by selecting a pack and then the level inside that pack. The trophy button at the top left corner opens up the Game Center leaderboards where you can see your rankings. There are leaderboards for each level and in addition for each level pack. The grand total leaderboard is for the sum of all 50 levels.

It is recommended that you log in to Game Center (GC) when playing. This way your high scores will always get saved and will be available even if you reinstalled the app. The rankings will, of course, only be available when connected to GC. You can play also locally without GC or even without network connection but beware; when you regain access to GC the saved scores will get downloaded and your locally achieved results may get overwritten.


The target on every level is the same i.e. to get the guys thrown to the area marked with the yellow rectangle. The quicker you are the more points you earn. The level is completed when all three guys have stopped inside the target area. The background music is designed to give you hints on how much time you have left on the play. You can silence the audio from the speaker button on the top right corner of the screen.

On each level your top score for that level is shown. Also, if you are signed in to Game Center, your current ranking is shown. The app takes a snapshot of the target area when a new high score is achieved and there will be a little button next to the top score text that shows the snapshot. That way you can remind yourself on how the current high score was achieved. (Note! The snapshots are only stored locally on the app. If you uninstall the app the snapshots will get erased.)


Your basic score is determined by the time it takes for you to get all three guys stopped inside the target area. In addition, you can earn bonus points based on the posture and position the guys end up having. You get bonus if a guy's body is twisted or if the legs are stretched. A guy standing on top of another guy gives an extra bonus. Depending on the level the guys may also get bonus based on how high or far left or right they stop inside the target area. The bonuses vary by level and you may need to try different strategies to find out how to earn the maximum bonuses.

First level is the most simple one, here you see one guy earned 600 bonus by riding on other guys head

On this level you use the ramp to sling the guys to the target bucket

Here one guy earned bonus by twisted body, the small guy got bonus for standing on top of the other guy

On this level the spinning wind mills convey the guys to the target area

These are the tracks that are looping on the background

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