During all phys ed classes, we are currently working on our 2nd fitness unit of the year.

This time around, students are being introduced to medicine balls, jump rope, resistance bands, curl bars, fitness dice, agility ladders and jumping stations.  Also, we will be doing the team and solo beep tests once again.  Finally, students get to experience some basic stretching exercises.  Stay healthy and motivated TVA!

-M. Bisson and M. Lawler

TVA Mental Health Awareness Day - June 3rd!

TVA is proud to announce that on Friday, June 3rd, the entire school will partake in the first ever TVA Mental Health Awareness Day!

With everyone having so much on their plates - students, staff and parents - life can get stressful!!

On June 3rd, TVA staff students will have the opportunity to learn about mental health and participate in some very fun and motivational activities for all ages.

This will include some outdoor fun, an introduction to mindfulness and relaxation activities as well as several amazing presentations on developing and maintaining healthy relationships.  

We are also lucky to be supported by B.A.N.A. who will present a positivity calendar activity to our very lucky staff and students.

Stay tuned for more info!!!! 

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Bisson, phys ed teacher ;)

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