Parent Testimonials

July 7-11 WeDo Awesome Adventures Camp

July 14-18 Awesome Adventures Camp

July 7-11 Mindstorms Nature's Fury Camp

What did your child/you like about this camp?

The skills and learning to work as a team and to see the end results. Which were just amazing.I wish it would or could go past 6th grade. My son loves it.
Michelle- Parent

He enjoyed working with a partner and learning programming.Job well done! Thank you for taking your time to do this!
Kristie - Parent

He loved everything about the camp! It was perfect! We will be back next year!

My son absolutely loved lego camp. He loves working with the computer to make models that move.

Learning to program, build complicated lego structures and fun doing this with other kids! It's great, well run, excellent instruction and lots of fun. Thanks for the opportunity! Allison will be back next year and will bring her brother, Will.

I liked that he was challenged each day, he had to work hard to build the models and this gave him confidence. He had fun and liked the motion of the legos.

Using the computer to program the robots. He looks forward to this camp each Summer and plans to return next year.
DeeDee - Parent

It was very interesting. My son liked being able to use Mindstorm Legos, and was able to try out designs. I think he really enjoyed the problem solving aspect. 
April - Parent

Hello Ms. Shepherd and Ms. Clapp!!!

Great article in Lexington Life giving you KUDOS for bringing this great program Tech-Know Time  to MES and elsewhere!!! Grant had a great time in this wonderful class! Thanks for what you do for Grant and all the fortunate children who get to be in your classes!!!

Clarice - parent

Dear Susan and Sherry,


Thank you so much for allowing Noah to attend your camp!

He had the best time! He is now in full time LEGO mode.

He talks about camp every day and about how much fun it was and how he cannot wait to do it again. Thank you for providing such an entertaining and educational experience for the community. 



My son was in your Lego WeDo camp and he enjoyed it so much!  I wanted to so thank for the class!  It's so wonderful that you put on a program that is educational and gets the kids engaged in thinking over the summer rather than just playing!


Grant came home so EXCITED about camp!  He went into great detail about all the things he did and can't wait to come back!  Thanks for all you do to make this such a GREAT week for the kids!