District Technology Professional Development Site

Any Kind of Technology Training Available
    The WCSD Technology Department will provide just about any kind of technology training our district employees would request.  Training can be scheduled for almost all hours. (Probably not from midnight to 6 am).  We will provide training on both hardware and software.  We can set up an extended training schedule for developing advanced skills, or just-in-time training for a one-time training need.

    We can provide a department with access to our IT Training lab or we can perform training on-site  To receive this training or just to acquire some information on training  fill out the training request form.  The link to that for is right here!

Getting Help for Google Sites
    I feel that one of the advantages to using Google Sites as a teacher web site platform is the fact that so much help is available online.  There are three main resources that I use for help when creating and editing sites; the help files Google provides when selecting the Sites Help Link, Google forums on Google sites, and YouTube tutorial videos.  
   To get help select the gear icon that should be on the upper right hand of your screen.  When you do a pop-up appears that allows you to select sites help along with a couple of other options. (See image directly to the right -->
    Users can access the forum from the help page.  The forum link is located on the left side of the page. (See below)
Help Forum Link  

Of course you need to go to YouTube.com and use the search engine to find a tutorial on the specific help you need.  For instance:  google sites, formatting tables.
Google Sites Help

What is this Site About?
    I am Charlie Roberts and this web site is used when I train others on Google sites and other related subjects.  For instance, I decided to clean this site up some when I started a PodCasting class.  I learned a lot by trying to make the site a little useful.  I advocate for "teacher web presence".  The idea that parents and students can find their teacher on the web, find information about their class on the web, and can easily find resources related to the current instruction the teacher is providing.  
    Most teachers that establish a solid web presence maintain their web presence.  They find it is an easy way to share resources with their students, and provide the parents with information about what is going on in class.  Some web presence is very simple.  I know one teacher that just keeps a calendar on his web site, and after the calendar was created and configured he finds he only needs to visit the site every few months.  He places content on his site's calendar through Google Calendars.  There are many tools a teacher can use to establish a web presence, but Google Sites is particularly easy and convenient for WCSD teachers.