Module Quick Guide

Each module is comprised of 4 sections:

  • Summary introduction to the subject

  • Interactive module content including scenarios and quizzes

  • Further reading

  • Access to vetted external learning resources

You should read the summary first to get an overview of the content and then complete the interactive module. At the end of all the in-house created interactive modules, there is a form to fill in to show that you have completed the module for monitoring purposes. This is also an opportunity to give feedback.

Do also click through to Further Reading - this is where you can see other recommended courses and suggested documents and studies.

Do I have to complete the module in one go?

No, you can do part of it and come back to it later. It will ask you whether you want to start again or resume where you left off.

Can I access the material offline

You can either download straight to your device if you have an iPad and then view the material offline or you can request a memory stick with the information from the Humanitarian Support Team.

How do I download the interactive modules onto my iPad?

Click on the tablet icon - it should request you to download the Articulate player which you need to play the files.  You can then continue to work online or if you would like to download it to work offline you switch your wifi off and it will then give you the option to work offline - you have to switch this to yes for it then to download when you reconnect

Who do I speak to if  I have problems accessing the material?

Please email Lauren Asfour -

How do I order an offline version of the courses?

Please email Lauren Asfour -