Eureka! It's A Google Fest

Teameureka Presents A Gathering for Google and Beyond


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The staff at Eureka Public Schools invites you to join us for a day of l
earning and sharing best practices with veterans of Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and Chromebook 1:1 implementation.

We have i
nvited several Google Certified Trainers to help guide our staff in
developing best practices for implementing tools effectively in their instructional practices. We would like to invite others Googlers and "Nooglers" to join us.
                  • Increase your practical knowledge for using 
                    Google Suite of tools in your daily work-flow.
                  • Learn to build and create resources collaboratively.
                  • Customize your teaching resources.
                  • Add experts to your Learning Network.
                  • Spend time in our Guided Work Room implementing you new ideas


    Educational technology is revolutionizing the art of education.  For the last several years, educators have been working very hard at learning the “how” of all these tools.  As we begin 2014, many educators have arrived at a tipping point. The long hard climb on learning how to use the tools is transitioning to best practice for implementing those tools effectively in their instructional practices.  For this Learning Gathering, featuring Google Apps as the center piece, we’ll all work together to become more effective for the future success of all of our students.

    Come for a day of learning and sharing best practices with veterans of Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and Chromebook 1:1 implementation.  Whether you've been using GAFE for some time, or are just starting out, this Google Gathering will allow you to leave the day feeling more confident to engage your students and successfully integrate technology into your daily classroom routine.  Bring your team, and come prepared with all your devices for learning. Pick from the sessions below to match your needs as we all engage in a high energy day to learn from one another!

Who Can Attend:

    This event is aimed at classroom teachers. Special sessions have been developed for special education teachers and students. Administrators and support staff will also find these workshops informative as they plan to communicate, collaborate and organize district resources with staff and the community at large. Google Apps suite of tools is also useful for member of the business community. You will be asked to have either an organizational Google Apps EDU, or public Google-Gmail account so you can use the tools being explored.