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Students and parents,

Welcome to Communication Arts!  This year we are going to look at the driving questions "What is good communication, and why is important to me?"

It is my believe that in answering this question we will uncover a multitude of ideas within the diverse settings of our global community and come to better understand how to become effective communicators ourselves.  

Communication Arts are foundational to success.  Language is what sets 
humankind apart from other species, so it is no surprise that mastery of language skills in the broadest sense opens the door to understanding our past, our current condition, and our future.   The Communication Arts offer us tools for thinking, communicating, learning, experiencing, exploring, remembering, collaborating, imagining, and fully participating in life. Mastery in Communication Arts is essential to school, careers, and a rich life.

I look forward to learning and communicating along with you.  

Mr. Rob Reynolds

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