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OpenFaces 3.0 EA2 Release Notes

posted Nov 4, 2010, 8:22 AM by Unknown user

Here are the changes that were made since the previous early access milestone.


  • It's now easier to add OpenFaces to your application: you just need to add OpenFaces jar and its dependencies. No web.xml modification and resource filter registration is required anymore. See the "Installation and Configuration" section in developer's guide for details.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed Ajax functionality for DataTable, TreeTable, CompositeFilter and all other components.
  • Fixed compatibility with the standard JSF 2.0 Ajax APIs (the <f:ajax> component, and jsf.ajax.request() JavaScript function).
  • Made possible to attach client behavior tags, such as <f:ajax> to all OpenFaces input and command components.

Known issues

  • Session expiration notification for Ajax calls doesn't work currently.


Migration Instructions

  1. OpenFaces requires the latest version of Mojarra, 2.0.3, since it has some fixes critical for proper functionality of OpenFaces components. You can download Mojarra 2.0.3 here. If you're running your application on Glassfish application server, make sure to update Mojarra in Glassfish (see the instructions).
  2. Remove ResourceFilter declaration and mapping from application's web.xml.
  3. Make sure to use <h:head> and <h:body> tags instead of old-style plain <head> and <body> tags.


Note: running OpenFaces demo, which is available for download, on Glassfish application server, requires the latest version of Mojarra (Mojarra 2.0.3) to be installed in the Glassfish server. See the installation instructions.