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OpenFaces Roadmap

To know when the next version of OpenFaces will come out and what features or components will be available in it, use the OpenFaces roadmap. Note, however, that these are only preliminary plans for future releases and, therefore, they may change over time. Please also note that the roadmap lists only major features of these releases.
If you want to see more new features in the OpenFaces roadmap, let us know. Visit our forum, submit requests to our issue tracking system, or e-mail us directly at You can also follow the current development news in OpenFaces twitter.

OpenFaces 3.0 (released)

This is a JSF 2.0 compliant version of OpenFaces.

OpenFaces version 3.0 will be maintained in parallel with OpenFaces version 2.0 while there is still interest in JSF 1.2. Both of these versions will have the same set of features but they will be targeted at JSF 2.0 and JSF 1.2 respectively.

You can download this version here. See the release notes.

OpenFaces 2.1/3.1

  • DataTable/TreeTable extensions.
  • WeekTable component, analogous to DayTable but showing events for a week.
  • MonthTable component, analogous to DayTable but showing events for a month.
  • Timetable component -- displays a schedule of events with multiple views (DayTable/WeekTable/MonthTable components combined).
  • Enhanced SelectOneMenu component.
  • LevelIndicator component.
  • Slider component.
  • TagCloud component.

Future releases

  • MenuBar component.
  • Panel component.
  • ProgressBar component.
  • Interactive column list customization in DataTable and TreeTable components.
  • Add the nodeDataByKey attribute to the TreeTable (similar to rowDataByKey in the DataTable component for enhanced handling of concurrent data modifications).
  • Support for displaying a checkbox/selection column with images instead of check boxes.
  • Nesting of DataTable/TreeTable inside other DataTable/TreeTable.
  • Flexible paginator customization.
  • Additional chart types.