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Help Us Help You

When you report any problem, please provide us with the detailed information on your issue. This will let us reproduce the problem and help you fast and efficiently.

Here is a list of information that might be needed from you:
  1. Your page (JSP or XHTML)
  2. Whole CSS applied to the page (if the problem somehow related to CSS)
  3. Backing bean
  4. Scenario to reproduce the problem
  5. Are there any JavaScript errors
  6. Are there any exceptions in the server log
  7. OpenFaces version
  8. JSF implementation and version
  9. Application server and version
  10. Browser
  11. Your web.xml file
  12. Whether or not you are using Facelets, any other component libraries (such Richfaces, Tomahawk), JBoss Seam framework etc. Please also provide us with versions of used libraries
  13. If you are using Portlets, provide us with a portlet.xml file

Alternatively you may provide us with a sample application, steps to reproduce the problem and the information on the application server used.