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Raffle 2018 - winners announced!

Team Dai Challenge 2018 Raffle Winners

1st Prize: Trek Mountain Bike (value 700 USD, donated by Vientiane College)
  • David Reed

2nd Prizes: Crowne Plaza Hotel Gift Vouchers (total value 1,590 USD, donated by Crowne Plaza Hotel)

Crowne Plaza Gift Voucher 1 X 900 USD

  • Michelle Bouckaert

Crowne Plaza Gift  Voucher 3 X 150 USD

  1. Joost Foppes
  2. Percy
  3. Arno van den Heuvel

Crowne Plaza Gift  Voucher  2 X 120 US

  1. Soukanya
  2. Garry from Vientiane College

3rd Prize: iPad Retina (value 500 USD, donated by VIS)

  • Bobby Allen

4th Prizes: Salana Hotel Vouchers (total value 420 USD, donated by Salana Boutique Hotel) 

Salana Boutique Hotel Voucher 3 X  140 USD

  1. Nancy Kim
  2. Suzanna Lipsombe
  3. Isabel Meyhoefer

5th Prizes: JOMA Gift boxes (total value 325 USD, donated by JOMA)

    Joma Gift Box 3 x 65 USD 

    1. Ron Anderson
    2. Leon Devine
    3. Koen Everaert
    4. Moe Moe Theint
    5. Percy

    6th Prizes: SpiceRoads Cycle Tours (total value 600 USD, donated by SpiceRoads)

    SpiceRoads Cycle Tours 3 X  200 USD

    1. David Fairhvist
    2. W.Hanning
    3. Navin Laowattana
    Winners have been contacted using the details provided on the wining tickets. If you find you have won a prize but have not yet been contacted, please email Mary at

    Rik Ponne,
    Feb 19, 2018, 6:23 PM