Training for the Challenge

Team Dai training 

Team Dai rides 3 times per week. Every Tuesday and Thursday wee meet a 6:15 AM in front of the Phonthan water tower close to Sengdara Gym. To do a 20 km route which finishes at Joma Bakery in the city centre. Every Sunday at 7 AM we meet at Joma in the city centre for a longer ride the length and duration will increase as we get closer to the challenge.

Alternatively there is another weekday ride on Wednesday and Friday starting from the junction at Khouvieng and Sokpaluang (the road to ban gai). Starting time is 5:50 for a loop of approximately 20 km.

Team Dai Challenge participation training requirement

Team Dai Challenge 2017 participants are expected to join at least one of the weekday trainings per week + one Sunday training every two weeks, more is always better. The reason for this we want you to be fit and we want you to get to know as many of the participants as possible.

For those who do not live in Vientiane and want to join this year, well, that is a different case and of course we cannot expect you to come to the trainings. But we are expecting you to train for the challenge. By the way, trainings are open to everyone, whether you plan to join the challenge or not.

Training schedule

You will notice in below schedule that the distances for the Sunday rides increase when we get closer to the dates of the Challenge. The last Sunday, however, is a shorter ride (albeit with some off-road and hills, not to get too lazy), in order to allow for some recovery and be fresh for the first day of the Challenge.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the bike as often as possible!

Sunday training schedule







That moon –Sandy loop

55 KM


We already did this one great job for everyone who whas there

22 January

Gravel road towards river time.




29 JanuaryX

Play ground by car

40+ km


We will start practicing climbing to day.   

5 February

Loop around town

120 km

All bikes

Alternative ride: Race to Nam ngum lake

12 February

Route 11 until the roundabout + big loop

120 km

All bikes

Alternative ride: 450 race/tour ride

19 FebruaryX

Playground by car



More climbing same area as on the 29th of January, but we will ride for longer.

26 February

To be determined later.




05 March

That Moon –Golfcourse loop.

55 KM

MTB only

Easy ride so we are not too tired for the start of the challenge

12 March

No training we should finish today