Registration (closed)

Registration for the Team Dai Challenge 2017 - CLOSED

To register for the 2017 Team Dai Challenge, fill out the (i) registration form, (ii) jersey order form and (iii) waiver and return them to mve1987[at]
. Forms can be downloaded using the links below. This year we will also need a copy of you passport. This is needed because we will go through Long Chien.

Registration will close on Sunday the 31st of January 2017.

When you register for the challenge you also commit yourself to:
-Regularly training with Team Dai (a training schedule will follow later)
-Making an effort towards the fund-raising element of the Challenge
-Paying the participation fee


All riders will receive ONE jersey (the cost for this is included in the participation fee). Riders can order more than one jersey at a cost of $30/Jersey. Non riders can order a jersey at $40/jersey (all the profit will go to Quality of Life association).

Information on the sizes is on the jersey order form. If you are unsure about the size, please ask one of our riders who has a jersey from previous years to try the size

This year we will also have long sleeve jerseys available the price is the same as for the short sleeve jerseys. (The first jersey for the riders is included this can be a short or long sleeve jersey).

Participation Fee

The participation fee is estimated to be between $180 and $200 depending on the total amount of riders.

The participation fee includes: an event jersey, accommodation and meals during the days of the ride and support consisting of a vehicle + crew and drinks, fruit and snacks during the ride. The fee excludes flights from either Luang Prabang or Phonsavan back to Vientiane.

3 days or 5 days

This year we will ride for 5 days, but there is also a 3-day option. You can ride the first three days, from the 8th till the 10th of March, and return to Vientiane from Phonsavan. We will plan to be on time in Phonsavan to give people the option to take a flight that same day. The rest of the group will go to Quality of Life Association to do a cheque handover. 

If you are uncertain if you want to do 3 days or 5 days, don't worry you can still change that after the 31st of January. The most important is to fill in the Jersey Order form so we can order the correct number of jerseys in the right sizes. 

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