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Training for the Challenge

The March Ride will be long and tough and all riders will need to be cycle-fit to complete the ride. Therefore, Team Dai Challenge 2016 participants are expected to join at least one of the trainings on Tuesday or Thursday morning every week + one Sunday training every two weeks. Moreover, joining at least two of the last three Sunday rides is compulsory.  The main reasons for this are: we want you to be fit; we want you to enjoy the Challenge ride; and we want you to get to know all of the participants.

For those who do not live in Vientiane and want to join this year, well, that is a different case and of course we cannot expect you to come to the trainings, but we hope that you are training!  By the way, trainings are open to everyone whether you plan to join the challenge or not…so please, even if you aren’t riding the big ride, do join us!

Our cycling rules: see cycling etiquette

Weekday trainings: Tuesday and Thursday mornings

We meet at the Phonthan Water Tower (near Sengdara) and depart at 6.15am sharp. The total loop is 20 km: via T4 (Khamphengmeuang) road, to Thadeua Road and past the clock tower back into town. We finish at JOMA 1 in the center of town. If you have time, enjoy a refreshment or have your breakfast there in the company of fellow riders, and see the city slowly wake up, with the satisfaction of having done your exercise already. A fresh start to the day!

Sunday mornings

We meet at JOMA 1 at Nam Phou at 7am. There is usually time for a cup of coffee or quick snack before we head off to. The length of the ride will increase as we get nearer to the March ride with a few 80-120 km rides end of February. On the shorter rides you'll be back in town before noon. On the longer ones we should be back mid afternoon. 

The scheduled Sunday rides from 31 January up to the start of the Challenge is as follows:




Bike type

31 January 2016

Hadxayfong – downstream along the Mekong.

50 km


7 February 2016

Tad Moon (practicing some MTB skills)

65 km

MTB only

14 February 2016

Route 11

100 km

All bikes

21 February 2016

Ban Pako

120 km


28 February 2016

Tad Moon

50 km

MTB only

6 March 2016

No training, if all is well we should be leaving Meuang Feuang.



The training schedule can be downloaded from below link.

Rik Ponne,
Jan 24, 2016, 8:17 PM