Challenge 2016

9th Team Dai Challenge 2016

From 5-8 March 2016, the 9th edition of the Team Dai Challenge will take 20 male and female cyclists on a 450 km ride over four days. The team will cycle through two national parks and across mountainous areas on various paved, dirt, and gravel roads between Vientiane and Vang Vieng. 

Vientiane Rescue

As frequent road users in Vientiane (whether by bicycle, on foot, by motorbike or car), we are excited to be riding the 2016 Team Dai Challenge to raise funds for Vientiane Rescue. Vientiane Rescue provides a free and equitable emergency service to all accident victims in and around Vientiane, responding not only to road traffic accidents but also to fires, drownings, animal rescues and countless other emergencies. In 2015, the volunteers rescued approximately 4,000 people.

This is possible only through the good will, extraordinary dedication and generosity of the Vientiane Rescue team. In fact, Vientiane Rescue can barely afford to operate at all. The volunteers rely entirely on private donations to keep the emergency service running. 

Apart from Vientiane Rescue, no roadside medical assistance is available now in Laos and police who are often the first to reach the accident scene are not trained in first aid. A 24 hour hotline was set up to rescue victims of accidents and the volunteers were trained in first aid assistance; they attend to patients at any time, carrying out first aid care and taking them to the nearest hospital whenever necessary.

Team Dai aims to raise USD 10,000 for Vientiane Rescue.