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Fundraising for Peuan Mit

The Team Dai Challenge 2015 will raise funds for the street kids program run by Peuan Mit in Laos

Every year Peuan Mit supports around 80 young people through their vocational training and social integration programs. The training is aimed at marginalized, homeless youth, aged between 15 to 24, living and/or working on the streets. The goal of the training is to reintegrate these vulnerable youth into Lao society as productive, skilled and empowered citizens. Peuan Mit’s skills-based training and social support programs help them to find work and start up their own micro-enterprises.

There are two vocational training options offered to the young people: hospitality training at the well-visited training restaurant, Makphet, and a mechanics workshop. Both training workshops are today operating as social businesses where students get to practice and serve real customers. The profits generated by the workshops are invested back into the training and social support programs.

While attending the program, all participants are entitled to free and safe accommodation at the student dormitory. They are provided with 3 nutritious meals a day and access to basic services (health, hygiene, clothes, transportation) and receive one-to-one support and guidance from their case managers.

During their stay at the vocational training program young people are able to regain their mental and physical health and start building their future away from street life, exploitation or abuse - towards exciting development opportunities!

The social services that Peuan Mit provides are unique in Laos and critical for the many youngsters that benefit from them. Peuan Mit offers a way out for street children whose future would otherwise be very bleak.

Peuan Mit needs your financial support to maximize the potential of their program. Donate now, to help these youngsters in need.

Thank you,

Team Dai

Students of the mechanics workshop
receiving vocational training

Students of the hospitality training at Makphet

Peuan Mit staff at night, reaching out for street kids