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The Cause: Lao Disabled Women's Development Center

Lao Disabled Women's Development CenterLao Disabled Women's Development Center

This year, Team Dai aims to raise US $10,000 for vocational training  at the Disabled Women’s Development Centre (LDWDC)

Founded in 1990 as the Lao Women with Disabilities group, the LDWDC is run by women with disabilities, for women with disabilities and their families in Lao PDR. The Centre is located near the Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge and is open for visitors 7 days a week.

The LDWDC provides vocational and life skills training for women with disabilities to provide them with skills that will enable them to become independent.  To raise money, the LDWDC also offers reiki services for visitors and sells products made by the women within the centre. 

The LDWDC has two objectives:

  1. To create practical opportunities for people with disabilities through vocational training and life skills training; and
  2. To be an active advocate for the rights, recognition and equal opportunity of disabled women by promoting awareness and raising the profile of disabled women.


Each year up to 30 new students enrol in the LDWDC training program. All of the students have been affected by disability in some way. The majority of students are themselves women with disabilities; however some are able-bodied but have family members with a disability and act as caregivers or breadwinners for the family member. Most of the students come from poor, rural areas of Laos, and many are also members of minority ethnic groups. Over 80% of women with disabilities who come to the Centre have lost one or both of their parents.

“Our community of women with disabilities support each other and we encourage women with disabilities to be independent by offering training in income generating activities and life skills, and, we educate women about their civil rights. We empower women. We help women to become leaders in society.

 When the world says it is not possible, the LDWDC says, YES it is possible!” 

 For more information please see the  LDWDC website