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2012 ride stats

The Team Dai Challenge 2012 has been successfully completed. It have been four amazing days of cycling through Laos’ least known but most stunning countryside.  The ride was, as its name suggests, a real challenge. Here are some quick stats:

Riders: 22

Nationalities:  10

Total distance: 445 km (15 km more than promised)

Total elevation gain: 4,714 m (a little more than expected – surprise!)

Day distances:

Day 1: 151 km

Day 2: 67 km (on the bike, plus 20 km on the boat)

Day 3: 133 km (15 km less than estimated (sorry guys!), but not disappointing nevertheless:  this had been called by the organizers “the surprise”, and did not disappoint and it took over 12 hours for all  the riders to reach Tha Bok on the Mekong shore after an early morning start from secretive Xaisomboun)

Day 4: 94 km


Below you’ll find the route map and profile of the ride.

You can also download the route as: .kmz file (for Google Earth) or .gpx (for your GPS device)

Map and profile

Team Dai Challenge 2012 - gpx.rar
Unknown user,
Apr 4, 2012, 8:15 PM
Team Dai Challenge 2012.kmz
Unknown user,
Apr 4, 2012, 8:15 PM