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Registration has now closed for the Team Dai Challenge 2012.

The aim is to have between 20 and 25 riders. In order for us to keep track, and to ensure there is sufficient accommodation etc. for everyone, please register officially using the attached registration form as soon as possible. Sam has put his name and details already so that you have an example.

One question you will be asked in the form is the size of the jersey. Please see below information from last year's ride which should help you to select the right size.

Size   S        Chest  34 Inches

Size   M       Chest  36 Inches

Size   L        Chest  38 Inches

Size   XL      Chest  40 Inches

Size   2XL    Chest  43 Inches

Size   3XL    Chest  46 Inches

Size   4XL    Chest  48 Inches

Size   5XL    Chest  50 Inches

Size   6XL    Chest  52 Inches

Riders will be expected to wear the official team dai 2012 jersey on the first day and the last day of the ride. You can decide on the number of jerseys you need based on your willingness to do some washing or to smell or to have a new clean jersey every day. But buying at least one team dai challenge 2012 jersey is compulsory.

A note about costs:
A very first rough estimate for 20 riders (including 2 sponsored ones) and 2 sponsored support crew members showed a total cost of a bit less than 1,500,000 Kip (including 1 jersey per person). Not much for the 4 day adventure of your life!