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2012 fundraising proceeds


The 5th Team Dai Challenge in history was another big success this year and with your generous help we have raised US$17,400. This is an official record for a Team Dai Challenge! Donations consisted of about $12,600 from over 125 private donors like you, all over the world, and about $4,800 raised by a raffle held in Vientiane.

For the record, the raffle prize winners were, drawn on 16 march 2012 at the Peuan Mit motorcycle repair shop, were:

      1st prize: Mountain bike, winner: Estelle, LuxDev
      2nd prize: I-Pad, winner: Carol, VIS
      3rd prize: Nam Lik Zip Line vouchers, winner: Sam, Pactec
   4th prize: Monument Toys voucher, winner: Elaine, VIS
      5th prize: Monument Books voucher, winner: Rob Nicholas, Phu Bia Mining

A ceremonial cheque with the amount was also presented to Peuan Mit following the raffle draw. 

Peuan Mit representatives expressed extreme gratitude for our (your) support. They plan to use the money we donated for their training mechanics workshop, more specifically towards the following items:

·       Salary of the teacher and team leader;

·       Purchase of new training equipment, and preparation of training materials

·       General running costs of the workshop (utilities, cleaning material, etc);

·       Students’ accommodation in  dormitory, as well as general medical and food costs for the students;

·       New bicycles for the students to use every day to go to work!

The Team Dai funding will allow at least 15 very marginalized young people to learn the basics of running a motorbike repair shop, and Peuan Mit will then help them to open their own business or find a job so that they can make a living. According to Clemence Pabion, Peuan Mit Technical Advisor, Team Dai support has made a huge difference in the running of the program and in the life of these young people.