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Change of dates for the 2011 Team Dai Challenge

posted Jan 14, 2012, 11:38 PM by Bruce Knox
Dear Team Dai riders & fans,

We have decided to change the dates of Team Dai Challenge and postpone everything to one day later. The reason for this is the 8th of March is a free for some of the participants and supporters. Specially the fact that supporters need to ask 1 day free at work instead of two makes us feel it is easier to organize. If the 8th of March was not free for you anyhow, then you'll need to ask the Monday and Tuesday free instead of the initial Friday and Monday. So the schedule is as ti follows:

* 5th of March flight at 13.30 from VTE to XKH. Arrival in XKH at 14.00
* 6th of March: bike from Phonsavan to Tathom = 110 km
* 7th of March: Tathom to Pakxan = 90 km
* 8th of March: Pakxan to Vientiane = 145 km (hopefully our arrival to the centre of the city will be joined by many many other bikers!)

If you had subscribed already and you cannot bike these days, please let me know so that I unsubscribe you. If you are fine with the new dates you do not need to reply. No reply means that you are ok! There are already 17 people that have registered.