Challenge 2010

2010 ride a huge success

posted Jan 14, 2012, 10:21 PM by Bruce Knox

What can we say!!!

While not quite reaching the $20000 target, the three organisations that will be benefiting from your generous donations will be saying a big thankyou to the more than 120 individual and corporate donors. As we plan to finalise the fundraising by close of business today, please feel free to donate directly to any of the three organisations if you wish contribute more.

Click HERE to see a slide show of images from the 2010 Team Dai Challenge!

To learn more about the three organisations that the Team Dai Challenge 2010 supported, please visit this link.

The 2010 ride will be supporting Handicap International and their focus on banning cluster munitions, and with the "Ban Cluster Munitions International Conference" happening in Vientiane later this year, the famous Lao funk band "Klustafunk" has generously agreed to provide the soundtrack for this year's Team Dai Challenge.

Please feel free to download and enjoy the song, "Klustabomb" by Klustafunk and spread the word about this terrible danger that kills thousands of people each year.

Play the song

A massive thankyou to the following donors...

  1. Vientiane College (Corp.)
  2. Cath Stephenson
  3. Alistair Maclean
  4. Hermien Rodenburg
  5. Kerry Berk
  6. Claire Waller
  7. Nicholas DiTrolio
  8. Adrianus van den Akker
  9. Jean Mc Williams
  10. Barbara Bellace
  11. James McWilliams
  12. Mattijs Smits
  13. Richard Schmid
  14. James Kennedy
  15. Nikolai Sindorf
  16. Robert Smith
  17. Guirec Halflants
  18. Byron Haley
  19. Marion Doubrava
  20. James Kirby
  21. Kathryn Poli
  22. Geert Immerzeel
  23. Antoine Nahra
  24. Holger Arntzen
  25. Marlus Johns
  26. Carmen Knopke
  27. Pat Crittenden
  28. Murray Williamson
  29. Gavin Williamson
  30. Peter Nixon
  31. Emily Follett
  32. David Reverdito
  33. Owe och Siv Hansson
  34. Wilmouth Arnaud
  35. Amy (Simon) Power
  36. Thomas Hanselman
  37. Daniel Cooper
  38. Noel & Donna McIntosh
  39. Celine Martel
  40. Ismail van der Burgt
  41. Elin Sundqvist
  42. Alice Risch
  43. Elizabeth Williams
  44. Robert Williams
  45. Peter Kaminski
  46. Irwin Law
  47. Annelie o Per-Olof Lövmar
  48. Jon White
  49. Kelt Twidale
  50. Christina Speed
  51. Jaco Luijendijk
  52. Alison A Moceri
  53. Nutting Katherine Mae
  54. Dirk Coolmes
  55. Peter & Pidge Curtis
  56. Claire North
  57. Stuart Moulder
  58. Annie Prior
  59. Shannon Brown
  60. Bruce Knox
  61. Susanne Schwarzenberg
  62. John Steven
  63. Nicolas Gobet
  64. Elizabeth Dickinson
  65. William Morton
  66. Leigh Anne Bathke
  67. Teri Allbright
  68. Elaine Voge
  69. Ginny Coleman
  70. Gareth Prosser & gang
  71. Bob & Val Meyenn
  72. M & G Streeter
  73. John Cox
  74. Generator Talent (Corp.)
  75. Paul Sernia
  76. Susan Knopke
  77. James Stock
  78. Rik Delnoije
  79. Rio Pals
  80. Noel & Miranda
  81. Gillian Davies
  82. Thomas, Sophia & Signe Lidén
  83. Beatrice & Jorgen Arnesson
  84. Magnus & Lise-Lotte Hansson
  85. Owe Hansson
  86. Richard Schmid
  87. James Kennedy
  88. Simon Turner
  89. Davina Dressler
  90. mahendra Gunasekera
  91. Laura Schoenberger
  92. Pieter Eikelenboom
  93. Michael Jahn
  94. Elena Oliveri
  95. Emily Lapinski
  96. Benjamin Brown
  97. Ute Hakke
  98. Carbon Bridge (Corp.)
  99. James Copley
  100. Stephanie Puls
  101. Chris Kapicka
  102. Adam Kaminski
  103. The Elephant Crossing (Corp.)
  104. Sam & Ruth
  105. Julien Meister
  106. Karen Cicchinelli
  107. Nils Gardek
  108. Simon Turner
  109. Sylvie Martin
  110. Alex van der Meer
  111. Mike & Eileen Sackett
  112. Jean-Luc & Anne Martin
  113. Jean-Bernard Gay
  114. Magaly Piguet
  115. Ingrid & Jack Cortenraad
  116. Frauke Haake
  117. Michael White
  118. Nick Cox
  119. Sam's Friends & Family
  120. Simon, Wendy & Davey Family
  121. Elizabeth Gephart
  122. Wobbe Meulen
  123. Philippa Sackett
  124. Georges Martin
  125. Laurent Meyer
  126. Olivier Dami
  127. Yolande Haertel
  128. Sven Buhler
  129. Bernard & Ann Payne
  130. Michael Dickinson
  131. Caroline Stewart

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!

Team Dai and Andrew 'Wil' Williamson

Project Manager
Team Dai Challenge 2010

Where will the money go?

posted Jan 14, 2012, 10:02 PM by Bruce Knox   [ updated Jan 26, 2013, 10:47 AM ]

The money raised by the Team Dai Challenge 2010 will be distributed amongst the following three organisations to assist them in their efforts. Please give all you can to support these three very worthwhile organisations.

1. COPE: to build a mobile workshop (retro-fit a truck/van) and support an outreach program so they can get services, prosthetics, wheelchairs etc to disabled people in remote villages

2. Handicap International: to support their group of UXO survivors who are lobbying for the Cluster Munitions Treaty to be signed by the final 4 countries (out of 30 needed) during the international conference planned for Vientiane in October 2010; and

3. Deak Kum Pa Orphanage: just outside of Luang Prabang is home to about 500 homeless and orphaned children and urgently needs funds to provide basic food, accomodation and teaching services.

100% of donations go to the three organizations being supported.  Riders cover all of their own costs for the ride and there are no middle-man fees!

Team Dai Challenge 2009

The $10000 (or more!!!) that Team Dai hopes to raise by organising the Vientiane to Luang Prabang 2009 Ride will be divided will be divided evenly between the COPE and Handicap Internationalorganisations working in Laos.

COPE, the Cooperative Orthotic and Prosthetic Enterprise works to provide victims of land mines and other accidents with rehabilitation and provides prosthetics, wheelchairs, and other services to enable these people to regain some normality in their lives. Money donated to the Team Dai 2009 VTE to LP Ride will be used to purchase wheelchairs, fund the production of prosthetics and support the many other services that COPE provides for people in need in Laos. Please visit the COPE website to learn more about this vital program in Vientiane.

It is hoped that a team of wheelchair athletes will join Team Dai in their final kilometres as they ride into Luang Prabang in the afternoon of March 9, 2009.

Handicap International is involved in 12 countries around the world and provides orthopaedic and physiotherapy services as well as being involved in a number of other safety and awareness programs. The $10000 (or much more!!!) that Team Dai hopes to raise will help to support a road safety and awareness program that focuses on reaching those people in Laos struggling to make ends meet and will help subsidise the Handicap International "Free" helmets program.

When visiting the villages, Handicap International runs activites relating to road safety and gives villagers the opportunity to purchase quality motorbike helmets at a greatly reduced fee. Money donated to the Team Dai 2009 VTE to LP Ride will be used to subsidise the cost of the helmets for villagers, reducing the cost of a helmet from 100,000kip to only 30,000kip.

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