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The cause: Arda Hope Center

This year Team Dai is raising money for the Arda Hope Centre.

Hope Centre desires to serve the most vulnerable children and youth in the community

to see them grow and develop in a healthy way and give them new hope for the future.
The HOPE Centre is a community outreach program that was started by ARDA Language
Centre Vientiane in 2006 to provide a safe environment where children begging on the
streets, children living in slum communities and working children could stop in during the
day to bathe, receive medical care, a nutritious meal, general education and be involved in
other activities including arts & crafts, music, sports and participate in special events. The
staff also provides trauma counseling, educational therapy and social skills development to
child victims of abuse and exploitation to help them overcome their pasts and lead
productive lives. HOPE Centre is located on the same compound as the ARDA Language
Centre in Vientiane and welcomes every child, but particularly reaches out to children
begging on the streets and children living in poor communities.

HOPE Centre also provides scholarships to help prevent children from begging or being
forced into other forms of child labor and provides them with education.
Sports activities like soccer and volleyball are used to divert children and youth from being
involved in drug abuse.

HOPE Centre staff work alongside families living in poor communities to alleviate child labor
and exploitation by helping them improve their livelihoods, parenting skills and living
conditions so that their children will have a suitable place to live and can attend school.

HOPE Centre helps over 200 children and youth who are at risk of abuse, exploitation, and
human trafficking.

You can now donate online through GoFundMe
Jaap Krösschell,
Jan 11, 2019, 1:56 AM