Reflect on your strengths, passions, and the unique needs in your community 

Finding Your Career "Sweet Spot"

As you interact with this site and your community - with fellow corps members and alumni, colleagues, and community leaders - you may find it helpful to consider three areas to help frame your exploration:
  • your personal strengths
  • your personal passions
  • the needs in the community to which you're committed

Reflection is an ongoing process.  Start by filling out this diagram which will likely change over time as you grow and try out pathways and roles.  You may want to download a copy of this circle diagram to complete as you work through the activities on this site.  

Alumni Reflections
Listen to alumni share insights about their own professional journeys. Garza (Rio Grande Valley '02) 
Audio and Video Production Teacher,
McAllen High School
2013 Teach For America Alumni Excellence in Teaching Award Recipient
Mc Allen, TX Chase (New York '05) 
All views represented are those of the individual speaking and do not represent those of the NYC Department of Education

COO, Division of Students with Disabilities and
English Learners, New York City Department of Ed
New York, New York DiNapoli (Houston '07)
M.D., Columbia University Medical Center
New York, New York
Aviran Sethi (Charlotte '09)

Consultant, Accenture and Founder, One Day Consulting
Rochester, MN
Nakia Haskins (New York City ’98)

Principal, The Brooklyn Brownstone School
Brooklyn, New York Palmer (Los Angeles '06)
Co-Founder and Co-CEO, RISE Colorado
Denver, CO

Jason Kamras (D.C. Region '96) and Andrew Broy (Eastern North Carolina '95)

Chief, Office of Human Capitol D.C. Public Schools
Washington D.C.
President, Illinois Network of Charter Schools
Chicago, Illinois

Jennifer Corroy (Rio Grande Valley ’04) 

Teacher, I.D.E.A. Public Schools
Donna, Texas

"I pursued social entrepreneurship because I discovered a problem so 
upsetting that none of the current solutions seemed good enough."

–Elliot Sanchez (Greater New Orleans-Louisiana Delta ’08)
Founder & CEO of mSchool

Core Values Connections

Teach For America's core values are foundational to how we operate and connect to each stage of this ongoing process.

As you reflect, think about your personal values and our shared core values and how to apply them as you continue your impact.  

Identity Connections

It's critical to reflect on how your identity impacts your role and professional choices. 

Start Reflecting Now

Use these guiding questions for journal prompts.

Gather two friends and try out this "trioing" exercise to discover your strengths.

Get input from friends and colleagues about your strengths and when they have seen you make an impact.  Use this to inform your exploration.

Jot down daily observations about what moves you. Then reflect on what you’ve learned about yourself and what it makes you want to do.

Try the career tracks activity to find patterns in your interests.
Consider the reflections you have engaged in through this site relating to your strengths, what matters to you, and the problem you want to solve.

  • First, reflect on leaders you know and seek feedback from members of your community who are your role models in the history of change-making.   
  • Next reflect on your personal values.
  • Then use this exercise to reflect more deeply on the impact you want to make. 


Reflect with members of our network and find mentors through our People & Opportunities Hub