Your TFA Google Apps Account

Using Google Apps ID
As a corps member or alum you have a Teach For America Google Apps for Education ID. This means you will be able to use a range of Google resources in collaboration with other corps members, alumni, and staff. 

To access Google Apps using your TFA Google Apps ID, navigate to our custom login screen and enter your email address and the same password you use to access


Your password for your TFA Google Apps ID will always be the same as whatever password you choose for access to Here's how to reset your password.
Alumni and Corps Members on Staff
If you are an alum or corps member on staff you will have two accounts you can use for accessing our Google Apps environment: your account and your account. For the most part, using either account will give you access to the same features and services. In some cases, documents shared exclusively with staff members will not be accessible to you if you have logged in using your address. One other significant difference between these two accounts: email sent to your account will be delivered to a Gmail inbox -- it will not be directed to your Outlook inbox. Your address is a benefit of your corps service -- it will be available to you even if you leave staff in the future. To access your account when you are in the office, you'll need to navigate to a special login screen to avoid automatically logging in to your staff account. That login screen is at

Google Apps For Education Resources
In addition to the usual Google Apps features (Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Hangouts, etc.) your or Google account also provides access to Google Classroom. Visit our Google Apps for Education 101 page for more.