Wind Ensemble Auditions

2020-2021 Wind Ensemble Audition Information

Wind Ensemble Auditions will be done via Google Classroom this year. A separate class has been set up for the auditions with the following code: 6z4a76i

Please post your audition videos in the classroom by May 1.

1. Prepared Etude:

2. Scales:

  • The scales should be the HS All-State Band Scales listed in the etude packet.
  • *8th grade students auditioning should play all of their benchmark scales.

3. Sight-Reading: (if we are back in school, we will do this part live)


  • Do your best. You may not be able to play everything at the recommended tempos, but still learn the pieces.
  • Mr. Dudzinski wants to see what you can do with music of this difficulty. Even if you cannot play everything, he can get a sense of how hard you are willing to work and what you are capable of doing.
  • Ask for help if you need it. Ask your band teacher, private lesson teacher or someone who has auditioned for All-State. You can even send Mr. Dudzinski a video of sections for which you would like feedback!