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Walnut Creek established its chapter of the National Junior Honor Society in 2013
to recognize and develop its current and future student leaders.

  • create enthusiasm for scholarship
  • stimulate a desire to render service
  • promote leadership
  • develop character
  • encourage good citizenship

Member Qualifications
  • Scholarship - students maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average 3.85+¬†
  • Service - students volunteer to support school or community efforts for no compensation¬†
  • Leadership - students are academic and social leaders demonstrating cooperation and problem solving skills
  • Character - students are¬†courteous, respectful, cooperative, and honest
  • Citizenship - students consistently maintain respectful relationships with their peers and adults
Students who meet these qualifications are invited to submit a Candidate Form. A Faculty Council selects NJHS Members after reviewing applicants' qualifications as outlined on their Candidate Forms.

2015-2016 Officers
  • President - Lainie Rapp
  • Vice President - Zoe Grotz
  • Secretary - Delia Bechmann
  • Treasurer - Delaney Hammond
2016-2017 Officers
  • President - Leah Natzic
  • Vice President - Natalie Kaczmarek
  • Secretary - Alesha Dean-Weathersby
  • Treasurer - Miles Hirsch