Middle School Science

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Plants and other Living          Things
*Invasive Species

*Water and Land Use
Energy, Forces, and               Motion
Properties of Matter

*Generating Electricity
*Sustainable Materials

Electricity and                     Magnetism
Waves: Sound and             Light
Chemistry of Matter
      and Reactions 
*Predicting Natural               Hazards
*Investigating Climate

The Walled Lake Consolidated Schools’ middle school Science program will establish an environment where students are doing science, actively engaged in building science proficiency by producing:
Evidence-based arguments,
Solutions to problems, and
Models to represent phenomena;

Continually working towards a deeper understanding of scientific explanations of the natural world and applying these patterns to solve problems. 

* = New units in 2017-18 school year.  
These units are part of a district-wide pilot of newly developed materials from the Mi-STAR project.  Further information about the Mi-STAR  curriculum is available at http://mi-star.mtu.edu/