High School Science

A variety of science courses are offered in high school.  This includes Honors, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate level courses.  Biology and two additional courses are required for graduation; students typically take Chemistry and Physics.  

 Biology TopicsChemistry Topics Physics Topics
Energy and Ecosystems
Building Blocks of Life
Patterns of Heredity
Evolution: Structures and Functions

Atomic Theory & Periodic Table
Chemical Bonding and Molecules
Quantifying Reactions
States of Matter & Gases
Solutions & Energy
Acids & Bases
Motion: 1 & 2 Dimensions
Periodic Motion

The Walled Lake Consolidated Schools’ high school Science program will establish an environment where students are doing science, actively engaged in building science proficiency by producing:

Evidence-based arguments,
Solutions to problems, and
Models to represent phenomena;

Continually working towards a deeper understanding of scientific explanations of the natural world and applying these patterns to solve problems.