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Early Intervention Program Birth to 3 Years

This site provides families with important program information and additional resources to help your child grow and learn. We hope you find it useful.  Please feel free to provide feedback.  We would love to hear from you.

The Early Intervention Program at Twin Sun provides support services for children from birth until 3 years old who experience a delay in development.




Supporting a child through the education process takes a team approach.  The Walled Lake Consolidated Schools Early Intervention Team is proud to partner with you toward your child's best early learning.   As a parent/caregiver you are an essential element in your child’s education and we value you. We know that one of the most important ways for you to be involved in your child’s education is to be informed.  

May the many resources on the Early Intervention website educate, support, and guide you.  

**Please contact us if there is additional information you need or want or if we can be of further support.  

Our Mission

"The Walled Lake Consolidated School District's Early Intervention team is committed to empowering and supporting families.  Through our collaborative interdisciplinary services and individualized attention, we enhance your children's optimum learning and development through everyday opportunities in their natural environment."

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Our Vision 

Walled Lake Consolidated School District's Early Intervention team facilitates families competence, confidence and comfortable enjoyment of their children.

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