Career Cruising


Career Cruising

  • This is a GREAT resource for career investigation and exploration for the entire family.
  • Locate university, college, or trade school information by state, program of study, or course work of interest.
  • Highlighted jobs on the home page.
  • Students in 7th - 12th grades will use this site to store and update their Educational Development Plans annually.
  • 8th Graders: Course Planner for HS Registration

What is an EDP?

An EDP is a state mandated career plan every 8th grader must complete as part of their graduation requirements.

Think of it as an electronic filing cabinet. In it you can store all of the information your child needs to plan their education and career path.

There are THREE main sections of the EDP

The Career Portfolio: In this section, your child can:

  • Save their Career Matchmaker Results (interest survey)
  • Keep notes on Careers that Interest them
  • Develop an Education Plan based on their career interests
  • Express their Career and Life Goals
  • List their Extra-curricular Activities and Work Experiences

The Resume Builder allows Students to showcase their:

  • Career Objectives
  • Education
  • Work Experiences
  • Skills and abilities
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Awards and certificates they have received
Course Planner is used to choose and update High School Course Selections:
  • Students MUST input high School course selections here during the registration process in March of their 8th grade year.

How do I view MY child's EDP?

  1. You must go to
  2. You may contact your child's counselor if your child has been unable to log-in on the website.
  3. Once you have entered the website, you can view your child's EDP by clicking on the EDP tab at the top and then entering the following information:
  4. Username: is WL- and your child's student identification number (without their initials).  Student ID Number can be found on ID cards and report cards.
  5. Password: The password your child created. If your child is NEW to the district, then their password will be their full birth date. (MM/DD/YY)  Once logged in, follow the prompts to create a new password.  Please use your birth year and initials.

Career Cruising Parent Portal:

  1. Access your child's EDP from your own account within Career Cruising.
  2. Link multiple children to one account.
  3. View your child's goals, interests, achievements, what courses they are thinking about for high school, and investigate and plan for high school and beyond.
  4. Research colleges, trade schools, career pathways, job outlook, etc.

Educational Development Plan Instruction Sheets:

Grade Specific Instruction Sheets have been linked below to aide you in completion of all necessary tasks!
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