WOW, November! 

November came in strong bringing cold temperatures, rain, a bit of bitter cold, and a snow day.  Thankfully, Thanksgiving is here! We wish you time spent relaxing, mornings sleeping in, enjoying your bowl of 

cereal from the couch, lazy days in your pajamas, safe travels, sharing time with those important to you, and the ability to seek out the Silver Linings within your life for which you are most thankful. 

Delightful December!

 We hope this month brings you much happiness and splendor as you find time to spend with family and friends.  The Winter Break will bring much needed time for our kids to rest and take a deep breath.  

The fall months and the start of a new school year have required early mornings, time management, and hard work...parents, for you too! 

This time of year we see many people feeling rushed, overwhelmed, and exhausted from the excitement, anticipation, and the worry for those celebrating the holidays.  It is so important for us to not lose sight of 

December's potential...if only we stop to take it all in. 

Oftentimes, a Michigan December (or November) brings the first real snow, extra time with our kids, free from the daily routine of school and work days, warm fires in a fireplace, and finding things to do indoors

and out.  Allow yourself the freedom to believe that the holiday season is not something to make perfect, but rather a time to create memories...even if in an imperfect situation!  We all have memories of dinners

that did not quite stand up or mishaps that we now laugh at in reflection, gifts forgotten to purchase or find from within the house even after having been bought, simple holiday celebrations because times were 

lean or family scattered afar that bring smiles and warm feelings.  

December is full of possibilities!  Offer support to those around you, set realistic expectations for yourself, your kids, and others.  

Slow down and take time to make yours and your children's December delightful!