Tuition Programs

Registration for 2016 - 2017 will begin soon!  Enroll your child in our district preschool, where your child love to think, to try, and to wonder why!

Walled Lake Schools Preschool programs are located conveniently around the district. You may wish to visit a preschool classroom prior to enrolling your child. Please call the teacher to make an appointment for a brief visit.

Ratios:  4 Year old class:  1:9
            3 Year old class:  1:8

Curriculum:  High Scope Curriculum

Assessment:  High Scope Child Observation Record (COR) - this is used throughout the year.  Anecdotal notes are taken daily, and the teachers use that information when they create their daily plans.

Parent Conferences:  There is a fall conference, led by the children, to help you get to know our program and what the children are doing.  
                               There is a spring conference, where we will share the Family Report from COR. These generally occur just prior to Kindergarten registration.
                               At the end of the year, we will share the year end Family Report, and send home any portfolio items that the children have created through the year.
Why choose Walled Lake Preschool?
  • Our staff are well trained, well educated, and we are life long learners.
  • We know that research has shown us that the lessons of yesterday are not what our children need today.  That is why we create plans daily, using a valid and reliable curriculum.
  • To be prepared for the common core, children need to know more than how to complete a worksheet or do the same art project as the rest of the class.  We encourage individuality, we support outside the box thinking, and we give children the chance to make decisions and be leaders.
Walled Lake Preschools has been proud to support our families for over 30 years. Come grow with us!

Dublin Elementary, White Lake, Trish Fletcher and Vickie DeSantis, room 301, 248.956.3831

Glengary Elementary, Walled Lake, Michele Jacobson and Kecia McKane, room 12, 248.956.3122

Walled Lake Elementary, Walled Lake, Ericka Pelto and Heather Hill, room 2,  248.956.4312

Pleasant Lake Elementary, West Bloomfield,  Terri Santavy, 248.956.2811

Twin Sun Facility, Wixom, Laura Davidson and Amy Clyma  248.956.4057


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