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Michigan Rehabilitation Services
Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS) helps Michigan residents with disabilities achieve employment and self-sufficiency. MRS is part of a network of vocational rehabilitation programs across the U.S. authorized by the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. Each year, more than 7,000 Michiganians with disabilities are assisted into jobs through MRS services.
Common Ground
Common Ground provides a lifeline for individuals and families in crisis, victims of crime, persons with mental illness, people trying to cope with critical situations and runaway and homeless youths. Helping people in need for 40 years, Common Ground serves more than 40,000 individuals per year. The majority of services are free of charge and 91 percent of every dollar received goes to direct service.

MORC-Macomb-Oakland Regional Center
MORC uses a person-centered planning process to determine the wants and needs of each individual with a disability and then creates a customized plan of services to help them reach their life goals, have a high quality of life and live in the community setting of their choice. The following array of services is available. Supports Coordination: MORC Supports Coordinators provide assessment, support, and coordination of services based on a person-centered plan. Self-Determination: This option gives individuals greater flexibility and control over their individual budget in directing their supports and services. Clinical Services: These services include medical, nursing, psychology, speech and language, nutrition, occupational therapy and recreational therapy based on medical necessity. Children and Family Services: These services include family-centered planning, theurapeutic treatment, positive behavioral support, transition services and foster care to support the changing needs of children and families. Home Choices: A variety of options are offered to support individuals with disabilities to live where they want to live. Home choices include with family or outside of the family home in a personal residence, with a foster family, or in a group home. Vocational Services: These services include skills building, job placement, on the job support and micro-business development for those who are interested in working in the community. Respite Services: This program offers a variety of options to provide a short-term break to families caring for an individual with a developmental disability. Recreational Therapy Services: These services include linking individuals with disabilities to a wide variety of recreational opportunities that meet their needs and interests. Rehabilitation Services: MORC’s rehab services include physical, occupational, speech, and aquatic therapies to assist with recovery from chronic illnesses, injuries or surgery.

CLS- Community Living Services
Who Are We? Community Living Services of Oakland County (CLS/OC) is a non-profit organization that promotes community inclusion, full citizenship and a self-determined life for people with developmental disabilities. We are strongly focused on person-centered planning, meaning you plan for your future with people important to you. CLS/OC believes in: • Family preservation • The importance of community • Flexible service and funding • Partnerships that actively include individuals and families • New approaches and creative methods of supports. CLS/OC promotes the principles of Self-Determination to assist people, one by one, in gaining a more meaningful life. Our Mission Is to assist and advocate for each person to have the supports they want and need: • To exercise control and authority over their lives • To live a life of freedom, opportunity and relationships as family, friends and neighbors • To share in full community citizenship and membership Our Vision People will fully participate in their communities and have a quality of life which comes from freedom and its responsibilities, the authority to make their own decisions and the financial resources to implement them.

Arc of Oakland County
The Arc of Oakland County advocates for the rights and full participation of all children and adults with intellectual and other related developmental disabilities. We strive to improve systems of supports and services; connect families; inspire our community and influence public policy. We are a non-profit, charitable organization funded in part by the United Way for Southeastern Michigan, and through the kindness of our most generous individual donors. We proudly serve individuals and families throughout Oakland County as a local affiliated chapter of The Arc Michigan and The Arc of the United States.

Easter Seals - Disabiltiy Services
Easter Seals provides exceptional services, education, outreach, and advocacy so that people living with autism and other disabilities can live, learn, work and play in our communities.

Community Housing Network
In order to live successfully in an integrated community, some individuals find they need a little extra help in terms of supports. While a number of persons rely on help from their family and friends, there may still be a need for additional supplemental help. For others natural supports are limited, requiring the person to look for additional resources within the community. For many people and families, Oakland County Community Mental Health Authority (OCCMHA) serves to bridge this gap with its partners by providing resources to those in need of assistance. These services can help move a person from looking at the community to being part of the community. OCCMHA has been serving Oakland County's residents since 1964. The OCCMHA is the manager of public mental health services and supports in Oakland County.

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Oakland County Human Resource Directory
Helpful links to a multitude of agency's and suppport in Oakland County.

FREEDOM ROAD TRANSPORTATION Freedom Road Transportation (FTR) is a volunteer driver program that assists with transportation needs for individuals with disabilities, seniors,and low income individuals. FRT is a non-profit organization that is working to assist those whose lives are impacted by social isolation as a result of not having access to affordable transportation. FRT indicates they seek “to educate, motivate, and assist people to strengthen or rebuild their social network, to access needed human and social services, and to continue to live successfully and independently in their communities.” Their vision is to “fill the public transportation gap for underserved people in Oakland County and give individuals the freedom to avoid social isolation, attain employment, and to have access to medical appointments, shopping and other activities.” If you would like to learn more about FRT or to determine if you may be eligible for their assistance, you can visit their website or call 248-232- 1259.


Transition Program