All of our grade-level courses are aligned to the rigorous Michigan Math Standards.  Teachers use a variety of techniques to present the content as both challenging and attainable for learners. This includes extending additional challenges or additional support when appropriate.  
Strong math students are scheduled in clusters, groups of 4-6 students with similar abilities.  This scheduling allows teachers to offer different tasks and assignments to extend greater challenges. Contact your building principal for more information.  
Some students may possess the skills and understanding to skip an entire year or course of mathematics.  In order to skip a course in the math sequence, students must demonstrate proficiency in the content and skills of the course they would be skipping.  The general procedures for course-skipping in math are described below. 
 Current Elementary through 7th Grade Students
Students currently in elementary grades through 7th Grade Math interested in determining if they are eligible to skip the next course in the sequence must demonstrate proficiency on a test over the content of that course.  
Registration for the test is required and is open through the month of March.  Testing occurs in April and May.  Students who are successful have the option of skipping the next course in the sequence.
This year's process is described here and is linked below.
 High School Students
Students entering or currently enrolled in high school courses in math who are interested in testing-out of a course should contact their high school counselor to access the application form.  
The process begins with a required spring application which allows students to test over the course content in August before the next school year begins.
Details are available in the spring at this link and at your high school.
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