Calculus Path

As a result of a change to the state of Michigan mathematics standards in grades K –eight, each grade level possesses unique, pivotal content. The ideas in each grade level course build on each other without overlap. Because a solid foundation in mathematics is essential to long-term success, skipping entire math courses is no longer a viable option for most students. 
In order to take college-level Calculus in high school, students must begin Pre-Calculus no later than their junior year. 
To allow for this opportunity, a new high school math sequence became available in the fall of 2015. This sequence incorporates Algebra 1 content in 8th, 9th, and 10th grade courses. 
This sequence of courses is the Calculus Path and is shown in the right column of the chart below. 
To enter this path, students need to be successful throughout middle school and in particular in the 8th grade math course.

 Grade  Traditional Secondary Math Courses Calculus Path Math Courses
 8 8th Grade Math-Course 3 8th Grade Math-Course 3 
 9 Algebra 1Calculus Path Geometry 
 10 GeometryCalculus Path Algebra 2 
 11 Algebra 2Calculus Path Pre-Calculus 
 12 AP Statistics
Probability, Statistics, & Trigonometry
Integrated Advanced Math Studies
IB Math Studies SL
Math-related courses
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC
IB Math SL/HL2 

Additional information is found in the documents below.

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