Elementary to Middle School

As students move from elementary school to middle school, expectations continue to grow. Elementary schools use EverydayMath as the primary math resource.  Middle schools use the Connected Mathematics Project materials (CMP) to continue students’ development as mathematical thinkers.

Middle school builds on the solid foundation of elementary and helps prepare students for success in high school math.  

Here are key proficiencies for students making this transition:

  • having a strong number sense--this includes understanding and the ability to quickly recall math facts

  • having a thorough understanding of multiplication and division

  • the ability to think and communicate mathematically--the middle school program emphasizes written and verbal communication of thinking

  • the ability to apply mathematics to real world problems--math is a useful tool to help us solve everyday challenges

The following website explains the middle school program and offers many resources for families

Middle School to High School 
As students move from middle school to high school, more complex concepts are built on the foundation from the previous grades.   In high school, advanced Algebra, Geometry, and data analysis skills are developed.  

Here are key proficiencies for students making this transition:

  • using variables to build and reason with mathematical expressions
  • having a strong understanding of fractions, rates, and proportional relationships
High school courses continue to  emphasize problem-solving and communication.  Problems that model real world phenomena are encountered.  Occasionally, these problems have multiple solutions that can be justified with logic and reasoning.  


John Gregg,
Apr 29, 2015, 9:53 AM