Google Apps-file upload/conversion

You can easily upload your current Microsoft files to Google. Before doing so, you need to be aware of two options. You can choose to upload and convert, which will change your current Word (or Excel, Powerpoint) file into a Google document (or spreadsheet, presentation). This will allow you to edit and share with students to edit and collaborate. Or you can upload "as is." This will leave the file in its original state (.docx), however you will not be able to edit the file.

Upload and convert:

1. Click on the small gear in the top right and pull down to Upload settings. Click on the option to Convert uploaded files to Google Docs format. Once this is checked, any file you upload will automatically be converted.

2. Now find the red button and click the up arrow. You can choose to upload one file or an entire folder. You will see a status window pop up and when it is done, the new file will appear in your list of Drive files.

Upload without converting:

Follow step 1 above, but uncheck the option to convert. Once this is unchecked any file you upload will be uploaded without converting. Then proceed to step 2 above.