Borrowing Policy

With a new level of school comes a heightened level of responsibility.  Media materials are checked out on a timed basis; with approximately 800 Geisler Wolves sharing those materials, its is important that students learn to return (or renew) books by their due dates.  

In middle school, there is a significant change from elementary school; that change is the introduction of late fines.

Check-Out Policy:

  • Books are checked out for three weeks (or longer if the due date would fall on an "off" day, such as a weekend or holiday).
  • Magazines are overnight checkouts.
  • There is a 3 day grace period at the end of a checkout; if a student returns within that grace period, then there are no fines tallied for that book.
  • If a book is more than 3 days late, then late fines accumulate at the rate of 10 cents per day, up to a maximum of $5.00 per book.
  • Damaged books will be charged for repairs warranted.
  • Lost books will be charged for the replacement price of the book, which varies according to hardcover/softcover and type of material.
  • Suspension of borrowing privileges:  Students who accumulate $5.00 or more in fines/fees will not be allowed to check out further materials until their fines/fees are paid down.  Additionally, students with overdue books will not be allowed to check out further materials until the books are returned.
  • Financial hardship in paying fines:  Students who cannot pay their fines are welcome to come to the media center during lunch periods to "work off" their fines (straightening up, shelving books, etc...).  They need to eat first, then come to the MC to help.  Students will need to let the media paraprofessional know that they wish to do so.  Fees for lost and damaged books cannot be "worked off."
  • Yearbooks will be held until all overdue books are returned and all fines/fees are paid in full.
Why do we have late fines?  Just as for adults (think of video rentals, car rentals, public library) students need to have a motivator to return borrowed items on time; otherwise that "missing" book just remains lost indefinitely.  When books are sitting idle, that means no other student can use them and that is not fair to the rest of the Geisler population.  

The after-hours book return cart is located just outside of the media center doors.  Students can always return books there when the media center is closed.

Overdue book/unpaid fine/unpaid fee notices are sent out via email.  Please make sure the office has a valid parent/guardian email address on file.