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Pleasant Lake Elementary will be holding its annual Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser event on Thursday, February 13th from 4-6 P.M. Students in grades 3-5 will be participating in this event. Students in grades K-2 will participate in JRFH during a P.E. class this month. Last year our school raised over $4000! Any questions please email Mrs.Stromback at jillstromback@wlcsd.org.



By Janice Hausman

Beverly Community School Organizer

The ropes were flying as the Commerce Cougars, from Commerce Elementary School in the Walled Lake school district, recently showed off their jump rope skills to the students at Beverly School.  The Cougar team, which is coached by the PE Teacher for Commerce Elementary Tanya DuBay and mom Eileen Harahan, amazed and inspired the Beverly students, who are developing their own jump rope routines in preparation for their upcoming Jump Rope for Heart fundraising event.

Cougar Coach DuBay encouraged the students to be kind to their heart through exercise.  She shared that jumping rope is fun and great exercise – four minutes of jumping rope is the equivalent to running a mile!

The Cougar team, made up of 4th and 5th grade students, demonstrated many different types of jumping, from the arm cross to the can to the amazing double under (where the jumper swings the rope around two times in one jump!)  The crowd loved the double dutch displays, where jumpers performed tricks within two twirling ropes.   They jumped at double speed, twirled another rope within the double dutch rope and shot a basketball while jumping!

At the end of the performance, Coach DuBay invited two Beverly students up from the audience who had never jumped double dutch before.  With a little bit of instruction, 4th grader Anaya Bracy-Robinson and Kindergartner Gavin Bradshaw were soon jumping like members of the Cougars team!

The Beverly students left the assembly abuzz with new ideas for jump rope routines for their March 1 Jump Rope for Heart event.  Beverly has participated in Jump Rope for Heart for 17 years; last year, they raised over $7400 for the American Heart Association.

Click on the team picture below to see the Commerce team in action!  Once you get to the site you will need to enter the password: jump to view the pictures.




Many of our schools participate hold annual ‘Project ACES’ events!

Project ACES began back in 1989 by Physical Education Teacher Len Saunders, of New Jersey. Len wanted to get one school in every state to exercise at the same time on a specific day in May to motivate his physical education classes to exercise. The program was also designed to show the importance of Physical Education in school!

Len began a letter writing campaign to schools throughout the United States to see if they wanted to join in this massive exercise event. Everyone who received his letter thought it was a great idea, and of course, wanted to be part of it. Len received confirmations day after day until every state had a participating school involved. In 1989, ACES stood for "American Children Exercising Simultaneously", because he never imagined schools outside the United States would participate. The first year of ACES was a huge success. Children from 1200 schools participated in all 50 states and the island of St. Croix. Len just figured he would organize this program in 1989, and that would be the end of it. Little did he know that ACES would eventually turn into an annual worldwide event. Within months of completing ACES 1989, Len started receiving mail for the 1990 ACES event, which at the time did not even exist! Letters continued to pour in from schools throughout the country (almost 500 letters a day) and even from outside the United States. The name could not remain "American Children Exercise Simultaneously" anymore, and became "All Children Exercise Simultaneously" in 1990. The rest is history!

The program has been growing and growing each year. The first year of Project ACES in 1989 had 240,000 children participate worldwide. In the year 2009, the state of Michigan had over 500,000 participants. Project ACES is now organized by the non-profit Youth Fitness Coalition, Inc. and managed by Len and HJ Saunders, both of New Jersey.