About the Media Center

HWE Destiny Quest
MHG Destiny Quest


All students should have time in the media center to select books, use the online catalog, and in the lab to create projects or use applications.

Most of the classes will check out books with their teachers. If they need any books from other schools that show up in Destiny Quest, they can have their teacher email me what they need and where it is located in the district. debragantz@wlcsd.org

Books are the responsibility of the student! They should return on time and in the condition they were in when checked out. There are no late fines, but if you keep the book longer than 2 weeks other students may be waiting for that book. If a book is damaged or lost, there will be a replacement cost. Being Respectful and Responsible means returning books on time, so others may check them out.

In the computer lab, being responsible and respectful means to listen, go to the programs the teacher sends them to, and completing projects assigned. Printing should only be done if they have previewed that it is what they want printed and is a good use of our resources. THINK FIRST!