About the Teacher

I studied Education at Eastern Michigan University. I graduated a Huron, but I was there for the transition to the EMU Eagles, too. I began my career in Ferndale Schools where I taught First, Second, and Sixth grade classes. I then finished my Master's Degree in Library Science at Wayne State University and moved to Livonia Schools where I was able to be a Media Specialist. I moved to Walled Lake Schools in 2002.

I am a Media Specialist by training, but my degree in Library Science means I am a Bibliophile at heart. If you have book questions, please ASK! I love to read. I love to write. I love to share books and authors.

I love supporting the use of technology in the Elementary Schools. I love seeing students pride in projects they complete. I love to hear them discussing applications and websites that are meaningful to them.

I am a student at heart. There is nothing I love more about my job than when students teach me something new. I do not own many of my own gadgets, but I love to learn and welcome all students to share technology they love! I believe strongly that we all need to grow and learn. I look forward to exploring, learning, and creating with every student I am privileged to work with you this year.