We hope you have a fantastic summer!  At Indian Trail High School and Academy, we are busy planning for an exciting 2017-2018 school year.  To get you started on the right foot in September, you will be reading a book this summer and doing some work to prepare for the first days of your English class.

There are many reasons for summer reading!  We would like to see you read for enjoyment while increasing your reading skills.  The more you read, not only will your reading and comprehension skills improve, but you will know more vocabulary and become a better writer as well.  The novel you are assigned will also help prepare you for the general topics and themes of your English course for the year.

You are not required to purchase your assigned book; however, you may want to purchase your own copy to make annotation easier.  Books are available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, RK News, and other similar sites.  Books may also be checked out through the Kenosha Public Library system.   Digital copies of the texts may be available using OverDrive through the Indian Trail Library webpage.

In addition to reading your assigned text, you must complete guided analysis questions.  This needs to be completed by the first day of school.  This will be your first graded assignment, and will serve as a catalyst for discussing further literature.  

To determine which book you should read, please select the appropriate link on the left menu.  If you have any questions about your assignment, please contact the teacher listed next to your book title. Again, the expectation is that this work is completed by the first day of class (Tuesday, September 5, 2017) so we can begin our unit work with it immediately.  

Have a wonderful summer!
Indian Trail English Team

Note: We are working to build our summer reading program.  At this time, only certain courses require summer  reading.  If there is no information listed for your course and you did not receive a letter from your English teacher, there is not a summer reading assignment.  Advanced Placement, Comprehensive honors courses, Communication Academy courses, and some Med. Sci. courses have assigned reading.