The end of the school year is upon us.  Your fifth grade children are soaring this quarter as they develop their technology and collaboration skills.  We are building towards our Celebration of Learning, which will take place on May 11th.  Students are working on poetry and Reader's Theater as they develop their understanding of theme and human rights.  Not an easy task, but your children are thriving.
    In math, we are continuing to develop our understanding of fractions, specifically multiplying and dividing fractions and understanding fractions as division. our hope is that when we finish our unit, we have time to create another bakery treat, putting our fraction knowledge to work.
    Be sure to check the NEED TO KNOW tab to see some of the upcoming events happening.  Field trip dates will be updated regularly. 

Contact information: Christina Caceres ccaceres@teachers.kusd.edu
website direct link: http://bit.ly/caceres115