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Africa is the home of the first humans, the first art, the first nation, as well as some of the most beautiful monuments, poetry, art, music, and dance in the world.  In this course, we will learn about the land and people of Africa, as well as their ancient civilizations in the Sahara, along the Nile, and into the highlands of ancient Punt.  We will look at tales of the Ark of the Covenant in Ethiopia as well as their ancient Coptic Christian traditions, at the rise of Islam and the Swahili city states, and finally at the monumental architecture of Great Zimbabwe.  Along the way, we’ll be learning all about the people, art, music, dance, and religions of the many people in East Africa.

Here is a basic outline of what we'll be covering this semester:

Week 1 – Sept 13-17 – Geography of Africa

Week 2 – Sept 20-24 – People of Africa

Week 3 – Sept 27-Oct 1 – The First Artists

Week 4 – Oct 4-8 – Egypt in Africa

Week 5 – Oct 11-15 – Middle Kingdom and Kerma

Week 6 – Oct 18-22 – Imperial Egypt and Nepata

Week 7 – Oct 25-27 – Up the Nile

Week 8 – Nov 1-5 – Aksum and Monotheism

Week 9 – Nov 8-12 – Islam and the Swahili City States

Week 10 – Nov 15-19 – Pastoral Arts

Week 11 – Nov 29-Dec 3 – Music of East Africa

Week 13 – Dec 6-10 – Great Zimbabwe

Week 14 – Dec 13-17 – Wrap up




1.  Geography of Africa

2.  The Necropolis: After Life on the Nile

3.  Rites of Passage

4.  Arts of East Africa


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