Arts of China and Tibet

Delve into the rich and diverse traditions of traditional Chinese and Tibetan cultures.  We will be learning about folktales and geography, about Taoism and Confucianism, about the classic arts of the Tang dynasty, and about how China has changed over the past century.  We will also be learning about Tibetan history and culture, about Buddhism and the Dalai Lama, and about its long and complex relationship with the rest of China. This class will involve lots of reading, writing, fieldtrips, visiting guests, and most of all thinking about cultures on the opposite side of the world. 

Week 1 - Geography of China
Week 2 - Shang and Zhou
Week 3 - Ethics, Politics, Philosophers
Week 4 - the Tao
Week 5 - the First Emperor
Week 6 - Buddhism
Week 7 - Han Dynasty
Week 8 - the Silk Road
Week 9 - Tang Poetry and Calligraphy
Week 10 - Music and Games
Week 11 - Tibet
Week 12 - Mongols, Ming, and Europeans
Week 13 - WWII
Week 14 - Modern China